Thursday, July 17, 2008

Max's adoption day!

What a great day! This morning we went before Judge Murch and finalized Max's adoption. I am so happy. The boys did great and they got Sheriff stickers from the bailiffs. Of course, they both ripped them within about 10 minutes, so I got a couple more on the way out. In the courtroom, Caleb told the Judge, "This is my brother." It was so cute. The Judge had a "script" that he read from talking about our responsibilities, etc and he also told Caleb that he has a responsibility to be a good big brother and a good example. It was a great experience.

Our case worker, Kem, got about a month waived from the time Max had to be in our home and so we came in 2 days before Max was with us for 6 months. He is 18 months old today. What a great present for us all.

I really wish we had done the ceremony with Caleb's adoption. The courthouse was still under construction because of the stupid guy who drove into it and our attorney said we probably wouldn't even get an office or courtroom, just someone out in the hall. I have a feeling he just didn't want to put any more time into it. Our attorney this time, Susan Cook, was wonderful. We didn't have to push or prod the office along and she was genuinely happy to be there with us and for us. When we do this again, we'll definitely call her.

We've set the sealing date at the Portland temple for September 6th. Kim's mom and step-dad, from Sweden, are going to be here in the States for a vacation and the timing really worked out, so we pushed it back a little. They are flying here and will stay for almost 4 days. They are staying with us and I'm a little nervous. I've never met them. Kim hasn't seen her for about 20 years. He saw her last while he was on his mission. Kim is really excited and I'm happy for him. I'm hoping Brooke and Shawn will do Sam's blessing that same weekend so family won't have to choose which to attend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Kim told his dad that his mom may be here for the open house and Dad said "Well, maybe we'll come see you for your birthday instead." Kim's birthday is on August 15th. I can imagine it would be a little uncomfortable for the both of them. I guess we'll see what happens. Dad hasn't been here at all since we moved to Oregon. He and Irma couldn't make it for Caleb's open house. I hope they come.

Now, we've got to get busy finishing up projects around the house so it looks good for the open house and family visits. With it being so hot lately, I've been doing a lot of sitting around in front of a fan. No more of that - too much to do! I'd better make a list.
Over all, a wonderful day at the Westbye's. I am so happy. I am so blessed.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tired Mommy

Oh....I stayed up too late. After the fireworks and getting the boys to bed I stayed up and finished "My Sister's Keeper", by Jodi Picoult. It was good and it made me cry - not that that's too hard, but it was well written and the subject difficult to read at times. I just pray I don't have to ever make those types of decisions for my family.

Poor Caleb stayed in the living room during the firework show last night. He got so worked up about how loud they were going to be. He's got such a sensitivity to loud noises when he has no control over them. I got cotton balls to put in his ears and he and I stayed in the living room and watched through the closed window. The were very pretty. Brenden and his friends brought some of the illegal stuff that make me nervous. Caleb wouldn't even venture outside after we were all done. Max on the other hand loved them and was outside the whole time. Thankfully, Kari held him while Kim played with fire. I wish I could have been with him for his first firework show, but I wanted to also be with Caleb to help him stay calm. I guess I am, in a small way, making decisions that choose child over child.

Max woke up an hour later than he usually does, but that's still a few hours short because we were up so late. I hope he gets a good nap today. I hope I get a good nap today. I've got to do a little laundry, finish up my primary lesson, do some grocery shopping and go see my sister and mom and little Sam. I think I'll take some of my neighbor's hydrangeas. She usually lets me cut them. Brooke loves hydrangeas and I don't think she has any on her property. That's what I'll have to get her for her birthday. I'll have to offer my services as part of the present because I don't think she'll feel like planting anything for a while.

Playing rock band last night was fun. Brenden and his friends came over last night before the fireworks and we played for a bit. It's a lot more fun when you can fill the whole band and not just 2 instruments. I got to "sing" and I had a good time. Kim is such a control freak and wanted to dictate all the songs to sing instead of letting others choose. It about killed him to let me sing "The Last Train to Clarksville" by the Monkeys. I rocked it though. I love the Monkeys.

I'd better get going. Everyone is awake and up now, so the day must begin.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. We went to Utah for our family reunion and then my mom came back with us because Brooke's baby was due on the 19th and we thought he would arrive a little sooner. Eleven days over due, he arrived on Monday, June 30th
and is very cute. He was 8lbs. 7oz. and 20.5 inches tall. He had problems during the labor so Brooke had to undergo surgery. Both mommy and little Sam are doing well. My mom has moved to Brooke's house to help with the baby and I have to admit it's a good thing. I love my mom, but we definitely get a long better with a little distance. She's such a good woman and has been through a lot these past 5-6 years with taking care of her mom, then Dad, then her dad before they each passed away. Watching people you love die isn't easy, not to mention living alone afterward, but she's been so strong and such a good example to us. I'm glad we had this time with her, but visiting over at my sister's will be good this next week. She's flying home on Thursday.

We had a ward breakfast this morning. It was nice, the food was good and the company was great. Caleb had a great time running the property and stealing toys from the other kids. He's still learning that we can't always have what we want when we want it. I know it's a kid's nature, but he usually only wants what the other kids are holding. Especially if it's Max holding it. It gets so frustrating. I hate it, but it seems I'm always on Caleb's case. The poor kid doesn't get much of a break. He just seems to be only interested in what's going to make mommy "upset". I guess I'm just too up tight. My mom tells me that, but I've always believed that prevention was easier than the cure in the sense of clean up. I'm not too fun. Loosening up is harder than I thought.

Kim took this picture of one of the day lilies in our back yard. He enjoys photography so much and he's good. I'm glad he has a hobby he enjoys. He took some great shots at the breakfast I'll see if I can figure out how to get them here.

Caleb is visiting with the Deans this morning. Hopefully, he'll take a nap this afternoon so he can stay up a while tonight to watch fireworks. We're just doing a few out front. He freaks out with the noise of those. I can just imagine how he'd be at a park watching the big fireworks. Right now, we're happy just doing it on our own. It will be fun to see how Max reacts to the fireworks. I wonder if he'll be scared or interested. I guess we'll see.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coming along

We worked hard in our back yard today - or I guess now it's yesterday. Kim, of course, hurt his back again. The poor guy seems to be falling apart. It sure sucks to get old. He's got a real family history of back, knee and neck problems. I don't think he stands a chance. But there are pain pills to help him sleep, thank goodness. The yard is really starting to shape up. Our friend, Dana (a neighbor-Stephanie's friend), is trying to make money, so I'm hiring her to help me with some weeding. She came over for a little over an hour and got some good work done. William and Lupe came with her and Caleb had a blast talking to and playing with them. The weather was so nice today. It felt great to be outside. The boys loved it and were filthy. Caleb really helped me move rocks and Max sure tried hard, but he couldn't lift most of them. Kim used the line trimmer last night and got things looking much more manicured and the little rock border is almost done. I've been collecting rocks, and we're finally making good use of them. I'm kind of a rock freak. I guess it's because rocks have been around for so long. They are permanent and they've already "seen" what's gone on before.

Phil and Kari came over and gave Kim pictures of him with Caleb and with Max for Father's Day. The pictures are in nice frames and matted really cute. I love them too. They are always so thoughtful and generous with us.

Well, I guess it's time to kick Caleb out of my spot in our bed (poor kid wakes a lot and gets into our bed) and get some sleep. Morning comes really early when I stay up so late. Late to bed and early to rise doesn't quite work. But I'm loving this idea of keeping a journal in a creative way. I haven't decided to let others really read it yet, but it's good for me. I hope I can keep it up. It's a really good outlet.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Busy day

The boys got thier summer "do's" this morning. I think they still need a little work. Little boys don't sit still for long. Poor Caleb has some, uh, prominant ears. The cuts are shorter than I usually ask for. I wanted that messy look, but Caleb won't let me mess it up. Max's fits his face a little more, so I think we'll keep that cut for him. I don't think Kim likes the cuts, but I just wanted to see how it would look. I think they're cute. And I'm not at all prejudiced.

I also went to a movie with Kari and Ann. We saw Made of Honor. It was a cute movie with a happy ending. It was really nice to take time out in the middle of the day and very nice of them to take me for my birthday. I can't believe I'll be 38 next week. It sounds so old and I don't feel that old.

We keep plugging along on our yard clean-up. Brenden's open house (at our home) is the last Sunday of this month and we're trying to get it looking good again. When Caleb moved in, I let things go a little wild and now we're paying for it, literally. We've paid for some help. Between Kim's allergies and my little helpers things just seemed to get away from us. Weeds, grass in the beds, etc, etc, etc...... We're making progress though and I'm starting to see the well-kept yard at the end of the tunnel.